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Before FACTS Built CRM you needed to pay for and manage a multitude of marketing tools that didn’t talk to each other and caused marketing campaigns to either not get implemented or have poor follow up. NOT ANYMORE. FACTS CRM replaces nearly all your current marketing tools and gives you some that you probably didn’t already have.  All integrated, all in one platform.

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What’s inside FACTS CRM?

Workflows & Pipelines

Workflows allow you to automate just about anything. With our built-in Pipeline Management feature, you can keep track of where the leads are and what stage they’re in.

Marketing Automation

FACTS CRM can help you automate follow-ups and make it easier for your customers! With a few clicks, you’ll be able to send automated emails, SMS messages, voicemail drops-and even bridge calls if necessary. The only thing left is closing the deal!


With our Membership Platform, you can create a thriving community for your practice or clients. Simply upload unlimited videos and host them on one platform without worrying about hosting costs! An infinite amount of users are allowed to join the course, and no complicated plugins to fuss over.

Custom Chat

Chat widget and platform to send and receive SMS messages when leads contact you via webchat or phone number on site.


Connecting your Google My Business allows for call tracking and messaging all within FACTS CRM! Respond to GMB messages in the conversations section and set up workflows to auto-respond to missed calls from GMB.

Reputation management

Collect, respond and use client testimonials with the click of a button.  Automatically.

Auto Text Back

Never miss another call or message from a potential lead.  Track all activity in relation to your Google My Business Account.

Booking System

Integrated Calendar and booking system.  Replace the cost of your current scheduling system and add the power of following up and tracking.

Full CRM

Create, organize and track your leads via pipeline stages. Automate anything based off where they are in their sales cycle. FACTS CRM is a full-featured customer relationship management system. You can use it to communicate with customers automatically or manually, and you’ll have access to email builders so that your messages are as stunning as possible!

Payments & Invoices

Integrate your Stripe or Paypal account and offer packages on your funnel pages to easily sell your services (one-time or subscription-based) or create invoices right in the conversations to send directly to your customers.

Funnel & Form Builder

FACTS CRM allows users to create landing pages and funnels with a simple drag-and-drop builder. The tool’s features include the ability to specify which information should be collected from website visitors, such as their email address or phone number, along with an option for scheduling meetings.  Follow-up to these submissions can be automated.


The conversation section of FACTS CRM is there to help you reach out and respond with ease. Whether it’s through email, SMS messaging, via Facebook messenger, Instagram Inbox or phone calls- we’ve got your back! Get in contact with more potential customers than ever before by implementing the new ways our app allows for communication.

Custom Integrations

Easily integrates with Google, Facebook, GMB, Stripe, QuickBooks, and Clio. This allows for calendar syncing, review responses, invoices and payments, and more all within the platform!

Voice Drop

Truly ninja feature that allows you to leave a message in the lead’s voicemail.   

HIPAA Compliant

Optional add-on available that will ensure that your website and any forms and information given by patients are HIPAA compliant through FACTS CRM.

How Do We Compare?

Feature ZingIt Review Wave FACTS CRM
Reviews yes yes yes
Online Scheduling yes yes yes
Automated Campaigns yes yes yes
2 Way Texting yes yes yes
Webchat to Text yes yes yes
Optin Forms no yes yes
Missed Call Text Back no yes yes
Google My Business (GMB) Messaging no no yes
Facebook Messenger no no yes
Instagram Inbox no no yes
Text to Pay no no yes
CRM no no yes
Opportunities no no yes
Surveys no no yes
Email Marketing no no yes
HTML Builder no no yes
Funnels no no yes
Websites no no yes
If/then/else workflows no no yes
Membership sites no no yes
Online Marketing Tracking & Reporting no no yes
DFY Campaign: Patient Reactivation no no yes
DFY Campaign: New Patient Orientation no no yes
DFY Campaign: Getting Speaking Gigs no no yes