3 stories to Increase the value of your products, your services, or your ideas 

 June 9, 2021

By  Jeff Paro

If you’re looking for a cool way to increase the value of your products, services, or ideas when presenting Chiropractic, doing videos, webinars, live videos, then I have a cool tip to share with you. 

Around 3 years ago, my mom came from Brazil to San Diego to watch our daughter Sophia. My daughter was nine months at that time and my mother came to help us because at that time we were moving from San Diego, California to Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. 

So I went to the airport, I picked my mom up and when we arrived at our house my mom said, “Hey, I have a gift for you”. 

I said “great!….” 

So she gave me something that was wrapped up in some old clothes.

I unwrapped it and I saw a statue figure about the size of the palm of my hand. 

My mind immediately went…  “that’s kind of an ugly statue. Does she want me to hang it around the house?” 

Sometimes your mind makes automatic decisions… you judge something. 

Then my mom asked me, “Roberto, do you know what it is?” 

And I’m like, “well, this is a little statue”.  (And again, I’m thinking, that’s kind of old and beat up and I hope she doesn’t want me to put in our new house). 

Then she said, “this is a little guardian angel… my great grandmother gave it to my grandmother so it could protect her. My grandmother gave it to my mother so it could protect her. My mother gave it to me so it could protect me. I gave it to your sister, so it could protect her. And now, your sister is sending it from Brazil to protect your daughter, Sofia. This little guardian angel has been protecting the woman in our  family for over 100 years.”

I immediately felt my heart sinking.  

How come I was judging that guardian angel?

How was my mom able to change the meaning of the statue from  “…this is an ugly statue to… Oh my God… a guardian angel to protect my daughter, this is amazing…”?

It was by using the power of storytelling. 

And research shows that when you attach a story to an object, product or service, it will help increase the value in the mind of your audience, which is super powerful. 

That’s why during our trainings, I always train our clients on three major stories: 

Your personal story. This is one of the most important communication assets that you may have. A well crafted and told personal story can help you achieve many outcomes, here are a few

  • Create a connection with your audience
  • Frame the importance of your message
  • Create context for you “being there” presenting
  • Overcome resistance and 
  • Communicate your BRAND (because is really hard to copy someone else’s story)

The second type of story that we teach our clients to develop is your patient stories. 

The patient stories come into primary two types, a) success stories: these are the narratives of the patients that you have helped with Chiropractic care or b) warning stories: these are the narratives of people who struggle with health issues and were not under Chiropractic care. 

Just like your personal story, the patients’ stories are also super powerful communication assets because they can help you: 

  • Create identification with the audience (the audience members can relate to your patients) 
  • Induce social proof, which convinces people that you are the real deal. It’s proof that you have helped people in the past and demonstrates to your prospective buyer what is going to happen or could happen if they do business with you
  • Explain your process without sounding salesy
  • Overcome objections like time and money
  • And much more

And then the third type of story category is what I call the Swiss Army Knife story.  It is for everything else. For any story that is not a patient story or your personal story I’d use the Swiss Army knife structure. These types of stories are used to illustrate a point.  Like the story my mother told me.  The point of that story, (the guardian angel story) is to make your message unique, overcome resistance and even add value to your offer — just like it did for me.

Now I love and cherish this statue so much. This guardian angel is in Sofia’s room.

These 3 types of stories are powerful.  

I’ve noticed that so many professionals, tell stories, but they tell stories randomly.

They don’t have a process for every single lecture, video, or one-on-one conversation. If you’re interested in learning how to develop your business storytelling skills and how to deploy your stories, using virtual presentations, like one-on-one videos, live videos, and webinars, then I’d love to help you out. 

Feel free to go to https://www.chirospeaking.com/iffvirtual to learn more about our upcoming event. 

Remember, don’t we speak to inform, speak to transform!

Speak soon, 



Jeff Paro

Jeff Paro

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