Marketing Holy Grail 

 July 8, 2021

By  Jeff Paro

Dear FACTS marketer,


Welcome to the first FACTS marketing newsletter.

I promised you, the reader, a no-fluff marketing education that will allow you to build marketing campaigns that produce new clients.

The name FACTS originally derived from the phrase… ‘just the facts mam’… as in straight to the point without all the hoopla and confusing distractions that exist on the world wide web.

So today I want to introduce you to the first lesson in your marketing education.

If I asked you, what is the purpose of marketing, I’m sure you’d answer in some variant – get new clients (true).

And if asked what process has to happen for your “Marketing” to produce a new client, what would your answer be?

Most clients, when asked this question get quiet or say stuff like, “build trust”, “prove you’re the best solution” etc…

Again very true, but how can you as a marketer manufacture these things?

How do you take a stranger and “market” to them to get them to become a client?

You simply need to get 3 things right.

What are they?

You need to have the right message (say exactly what they want to hear), to the right market (that’s emotionally, financially ready, and able to buy), using the right media (the place/channel they like to consume information).

Marketing can be boiled into those 3 basic pillars: what you say, to who, and how they receive it.

That’s what Dan Kennedy calls the holy grail of marketing.

When marketing fails it’s most likely because there wasn’t a Message to Market match.

So the lesson for today is this:

The goal of small business marketing is to discover the right message to deliver to the right market, using the right Media.

In my next letter, we’ll go deeper into each one of these foundational pillars.

See you at the top,

Jeff Paro



Jeff Paro

Jeff Paro

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